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- Enlaces de interés : Respuesta frente a un estímulo nóxico

- The sensory experience begins in the periphery, where the peripheral terminals of primary afferent fibres respond to a myriad of stimuli and translate this information into the dorsal horn of the spinal cord, where the central ends of these fibres terminate . En este sentido , Tissue injury results in the release of pronociceptive mediators that sensitize peripheral nerve terminals (peripheral sensitization), leading to phenotypic alterations of sensory neurons and increased excitability of spinal cord dorsal horn neurons (central sensitization). , Nerve injury may be associated with abnormal firing of the injured neurons, leading also to central sensitization and phenotypic changes in spinal cord neurons. , In addition, descending supraspinal systems modulate nociceptive responses. A multitude of receptors, transmitters, second messenger systems, transcription factors, and other signaling molecules are now appreciated to be involved in pain pathways .
-Las fases en las que un estímulo nóxico se convierte en una sensación dolorosa son las siguientes :